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It’s time to renegotiate your IT outsourcing contract – Alfredo Saad

Alfredo Saad – IT Outsourcing Consultant Three scenarios recommend the renegotiation of your current IT outsourcing contract. Each of these scenarios shows distinct motivations and different objectives to be achieved during the renegotiation. Initially, let us define

Traditional Outsourcing x Cloud: “Old” Risks x “New” Risks – Alfredo Saad

Alfredo Saad – IT Outsourcing Consultant As discussed in the previous article “Cloud: Take Care of the “New” Risks!”, whose reading is recommended, risk management shows some similarities but also some dissimilarities as we deal with traditional

Cloud: Take Care of the “New”Risks! – Alfredo Saad

Alfredo Saad – IT Outsourcing Consultant There are similarities and dissimilarities between the contracting of cloud services and the contracting of “traditional” IT outsourcing services (both ITO and BPO). One of the similarities is the relevance of

Professionals Involved in Outsourcing Lifecycle – Provider’s View

During all these years that I’ve spent in the complex ITO environment, I’ve come across people with different set of skills, education, experience and roles. Let me share few roles that are, majorly, involved in the outsourcing

Need of an Outsourcing Advisor

Companies having few hundred thousand to few million dollars outsourcing budgets would certainly go and hire an outsourcing advisor to build a strategy and help them on innovation, negotiations, delivery, vendor selection etc. When we asked, what

Primary reasons behind failures of outsourcing arrangements

Primary reasons behind failures of outsourcing arrangements – Joe Valentine, J.D., M.B.A. Outsourcing is a business tool that is used commonly in the information technology and other sectors, to leverage differences in labor and other costs in different

More about US/India culture differences

Culture Differences – Cultures vary all across the world. But the American and Indian cultures differ a lot. Even though there are some similarities too, but the differences are more pronounced. One thing to be remembered here is

Information Technology In Daily Life

People tend to think of Information technology as something that has taken away physical interaction and social skills from everyone’s lives. People are so busy in their electronic gadgets that they have no time for anyone else,

Boom In Information Technology

Today we are seeing a boom in the information technology sector. This has been fuelled by a number of reasons. We can look at a few of these over here. Better Lifestyle Today people are looking for

Freelancer’s Life

A freelancer’s life looks really interesting from a distance. But the fact is that it is a life full of responsibility and a lot of hard work. In fact, there are a number of aspects here. We