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  • ISGDiffering technology and business needs — even in the same organization — dictate strategy
  • Latest ISG Provider Lens™ report assesses 21 providers across five cloud buyer archetypes

The cloud computing market is evolving rapidly to meet varying customer needs – even within the same organization – as buyers continue to weigh shifting technology and business requirements when considering their options from among private, community, public and hybrid cloud options, according to the ISG Provider Lens™ Cloud Services Archetype Report released today by Information Services Group (ISG) (Nasdaq: III), a leading global technology research and advisory firm.

The latest in the ISG Provider Lens™ series, the report assesses the capabilities of 21 cloud services providers based on five buyer archetypes. It finds that while there is no shortage of providers able to satisfy the requirements of most enterprises, it is rare to find a single provider that can address all cloud transformation needs across most user archetypes.

“Cloud computing is a moving target. While cloud has become the preferred delivery model for most large companies, each function or business unit has different requirements – meaning multiple customer archetypes are present in large enterprises,” said Esteban Herrera, partner and global leader, ISG Research. “Those making the transformation to the cloud must strike a balance between optimal business value and the relative costs of provider engagement, integration and management. Market changes, new business models, fluctuating economic conditions and other factors will continuously reshape the needs of cloud services buyers.”

The ISG report details the differences between private, community, public and hybrid cloud computing, but is focused specifically on public cloud providers. Future reports will address other types of cloud services providers.

“While the basic differences between various types of clouds are easy to understand, the decision to migrate to the cloud is highly complex and involves a multitude of steps,” Herrera said. “It starts with creating a digital strategy, of which cloud is just one component. The application portfolio needs to be analyzed to decide which applications are ready for the cloud. This analysis includes the technical, regulatory, financial and security considerations associated with each application.”

The ISG Provider Lens™ Cloud Services Archetype Report analyzes providers by each of five buyer archetypes, highlighting those that stand out in serving each group. The five archetypes are:

Traditional: This type of buyer still relies on mainframe computing and legacy applications due to regulatory or security concerns, but is open to learning more about the benefits of migrating to the cloud.
Deliberate: This type of buyer is cautious and deliberate about moving to the cloud, but will embrace the technology if there is a proven cost savings to shifting IT operations to the cloud.
Pragmatic: This type of buyer advocates prudent use of the cloud when value can be realized in agility, flexibility and cost optimization, with an emphasis on quick realization of cost savings.
Transformative: This type of buyer takes a long-term strategic view and is willing to take risks in transforming its IT environment with cloud computing, but won’t force-fit legacy infrastructure and applications to the cloud if strategic value is not realized.
Next-Gen: This type of buyer is an early adopter of cloud technologies, taking a cloud-first approach with “born in the cloud” applications. They are not encumbered by legacy operations and view IT as a change agent and enabler of revenue and profit growth.

Of the 21 providers assessed in the report, seven were identified as leaders across all five buyer archetypes: Atos, Cognizant, HCL, IBM, Infosys, Mindtree and Mphasis. A customized version of the ISG report is available from Mindtree.

The ISG Provider Lens™ Cloud Services Archetype Report was written by ISG Principal Consultant Ravi Shankar with input from Jan Erik Aase, director and principal analyst with ISG Research, and ISG Consultant Dave Goodman. An executive summary of the report can be viewed on this webpage; a complete version is available to ISG Insights™ subscribers or for immediate, one-time purchase.


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