Humach Launches Customer Engagement Assessment for Contact Centers

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Humach Assessment to provide managers and leadership with insight for how to prepare for the 2020 Customer

DALLAS, Sept. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Humach, a leading business process and technology outsourcer blending the creativity of humans with the computational power and processes of machines, has launched its Customer Engagement Assessment. This assessment serves to provide managers and leadership with insight for how to prepare for the 2020 Customer.

For any company in need of guidance in the world of customer experience, this is the place to start.

Humach’s assessment is an eye-opener for legacy call center operators who want to find out how their contact center stacks up to their industry peers. By providing expert recommendations to businesses to help them improve their customer experience performance, Humach enables executives and professionals to have a 360-degree view of the evolving landscape of contact center operations. With such insights, companies can scale staff properly and implement the appropriate technologies.

“Humach continues to drive innovation and change in an industry that is rapidly transforming,” said CEO Tim Houlne. “Companies need to be prepared for what’s coming, and that means taking action today in terms of hiring agents, leveraging tools and technology infrastructure, and partnering with the right outsourcer.”

Humach’s team of industry veterans and experts will provide contact center recommendations that best fit with each business’ unique needs.

“Taking our assessment is a great way to get a deeper view of what’s going on in your business compared to your competitors and understand the right actions to take moving forward,” said company President Sean Charnock. “Our goal is to make agents smarter, faster, and more efficient. With this assessment, we are able to help companies identify where to start to enable them to serve their customers better through people, processes, and technologies.”

See if Humach’s Customer Engagement Assessment is right for your business.

Humach helps its clients find more innovative ways to engage, acquire and support their customers by combining business intelligence, experienced agents and machine automation. They offer best-in-class multi-channel contact center services leveraging numerous patents spanning cloud-based, scalable infrastructure and experienced agents. Humach provides contact center services to some of the world’s largest brands. Learn more at


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