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Business Continuity as a Service (or BCaaS™) is the core offering of ZeroDown’s patented, unique technologies: It allows, through the leveraging of their Application/Data Migration as a service (AMaaS™) easy, one-click deployment of remote, duplicate application instances on the cloud, without the logistics problems associated with traditional high availability or clustering solutions.
This architecture’s use in production prevents lost business and activity through downtime by implementing the most comprehensive solution to individual instance failure, in-flight transaction loss, and maintenance downtime losses available. Its robust synchronization system keeps data and transactions across instances consistent, replaying transactions on each new deployment. This methodology offers a complete, easy to use solution for downtime and disaster avoidance, with no single point of failure.
“We all understand that things break. Networks, Servers, Storage and Software…they all fail eventually, in the industry we call this Mean Time Before Failure: we actually plan for this. Humans make mistakes, and these mistakes can and will impact customers when we least expect it. Rather than focus on who to blame, we prefer to mitigate the customer experience impact by providing them insurance in the cloud when disaster strikes.” — Alan Gin, Co-founder and CEO
ZeroDown’s BCaaS Democratizes Disaster Avoidance and Drives Cloud Adoption
The biggest barrier to cloud adoption in the modern business world is, arguably, a lack of effective risk reduction available from hardware-based solutions. Many IT professionals see the downtime and in-flight transaction loss that Migration historically introduces as too costly to be tenable, leaving only the largest or niche enterprises migrating at present. ZeroDown is changing that Paradigm. Not only does their suite of migration and containerization tools through AMaaS allow one-click migration with minimal downtime, it does so in a way that minimizes risk and allows simultaneous operation of the original application, completely removing the traditional roadblocks put up by pick-and-shovel methods.
ZeroDown has completely turned the paradigm of disaster recovery and inevitable downtime on its head with their Business Continuity model, freeing end users to take full advantage of the power that AWS and Cloud-based applications can provide. Once an application is pushed to the cloud through the ZeroDown Migration Tools available on AWS Marketplace, the Business Continuity Service enables an enterprise-grade architecture that supports applications even under extreme circumstances, upt to complete organizational disruption. This flexibility has previously only available to gargantuan operations, and ZeroDown leverages it to provide flexible deployment, hybrid cloud instances, downtime avoidance through instancing across multiple cloud platforms or local hardware, and an easy, accessible way to manage it all. The stability of the ZeroDown BCaaS architecture empowers much smaller operations, all the way up to the largest ones, to operate with best practices previously only considered practical on a vast scale.

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