Tech Leaders Tackle Biggest IT Challenges of 2017 at Trace3 EVOLVE Annual Conference

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Trace3, a pioneer in business transformation solutions, today released its speaking lineup for the company’s annual technology leadership event, EVOLVE, which will take place May 17 – 19 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

The event will host over 700 attendees including top ranking CIOs, IT leaders from the Fortune 500, Silicon Valley VCs, industry analysts, business press and renowned authors, who will offer insights on the most significant trends and challenges in IT for 2017.

The show will conclude with a gala dinner event to honor the top CIOs of the year at the annual Trace3 Outlier Awards ceremony. The Outlier Award recognizes CIOs who consistently deliver dynamic innovation and outstanding leadership in the field of information technology.

Highlights of the EVOLVE Agenda:

Tyler Beecher, CEO of Trace3 will kick off EVOLVE with a presentation on “The Opportunity we have as Technology Leaders.” He will discuss what’s really moving the needle for CIOs relative to data intelligence, new applications of technology to solve age-old problems, and the human element to project success.
Paul DePodesta, Chief Strategy Officer for the Cleveland Browns, and the mastermind behind MoneyBall, is using data to redefine the way the NFL builds championships. Depodesta’s approach to using analytics to drive results in the MLB may be the most publicly known use case for the benefit of using data to optimize an age-old system, per Tylers’ description above. Paul will challenge the audience to rethink their current business models by asking the naive question, “If we weren’t already doing it this way, is this the way we would start?”
George Kurtz, the author of the best-selling security book Hacking Exposed, will discuss the vital importance of security to all businesses. He will note that all businesses are digital businesses, and as a result security is top of mind at the highest levels of all organizations. A security stance is urgent but IT leaders are unclear about the real risks surrounding IoT, machine learning and cloud computing. George will also reveal who is targeting you and why. What do they want – and most importantly, how to stop them.
Robert Scoble and Shel Isreal, authors of “The Fourth Transformation,” will discuss the far-reaching impact of augmented reality and artificial intelligence. The presentation will chronicle the progression of AR and AI through using text characters to speak directly to computers, to mouse-computer interactions and GUI, to mobile communications and ultimately a world of internet enabled devices. Robert and Shel will provide a series of examples of the industries that will change and why.
Gene Kim, DevOps King, Co-Founder of Tripwire, and author of The Phoenix Project, will present on “Top DevOps Enterprise Adoption Patterns: A fifteen Year Study of High Performing IT Organizations.” His presentation will describe how to resolve the core conflicts businesses experience to respond more quickly to urgent business needs and provide stable, secure and predictable IT services. Gene will outline how successful technology companies like Etsy, Netflix, Facebook,, Twitter, and Google transformed their IT practices to implement effective change control.
Hayes Drumwright, CEO of POPin and author of Management vs Employees, will offer insights on the “Critical Conversations for Business Success,” including how to drive organizational alignment and employee “buy in” on key initiatives.
The event will also feature numerous breakout sessions, covering topics such as IoT strategy; How technology is disrupting the org chart; The anatomy of a data breach; VR as the new reality of business; Rationalizing acquisitions; Surviving a DevOps transformation; How AI is affecting your business; and Cloud scale challenges.

EVOLVE will also feature a series of five-minute “Pitches of New Technology” emerging from Silicon Valley, in a format similar to the popular “Shark Tank” TV show.

“EVOLVE is the most memorable – and surreal – event for IT professionals that I have ever attended,” said Bill Schlough, Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer of the San Francisco Giants. “From first-rate speakers to showgirls to an Oscar-caliber awards program, Trace3 leverages their Las Vegas venue to make every attendee feel like a rock star.”

“Trace3’s EVOLVE Conference attracts a mix of vibrant, forward-looking leaders from diverse industries who come for mutual learning,” said Charles Connoy, Vice President of Sony Entertainment. “Meeting with other IT execs at EVOLVE to discuss current technology and policy issues always results in deeper insights into solutions for my own challenges.

The Evolve Breakout Sessions will feature the following content:

IOT Strategy: What you need to consider, hosted by John Rossman author of the Amazon way of IOT and Rich Hillebrecht CIO & CISO at Riverbed.
How Technology is Disrupting your Org. Chart, hosted by Trace3 Research Principal Katherine Johnson and HPE’s Transformative Strategist Deborah Anthony.
The Anatomy of a Breach, hosted by Trace3’s Dimitri McKay, CISSP, and Tony Olzak, VP – Security Practice.
If VR is the New Reality for business – What are we going to do with all that Data? This session is hosted by Robert Scoble and NetApp Co-Founder Dave Hitz.
Cloud Operating Model – Understanding the Future of Multi-cloud, hosted by Trace3 VP of Innovation Steve Obrien.
Surviving a DevOps Transformation, hosted by DevOps Handbook Co-Author John Willis.
AI is Affecting your Business: how do you Embrace it? This session is hosted by Andrea de Souza, Deep Learning Lead for NVIDIA.
Cloud Scale Challenges?…google it! This session is hosted by Miles Ward – Director of Solution Engineering at Google Cloud and will cover the challenges of building and maintaining applications and services used by billions of people daily.

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