NexGen Agency Launches New Website With Complimentary Facebook and Call Center ‘Check Ups’ For Businesses

nexgenNexGen Agency, a fast-emerging global provider of dynamic customer experience management and business process outsourcing solutions, has launched their new website featuring Facebook and Call Center ‘Check Ups.’

The newly designed website ( not only better reflects the white glove customer service that NexGen offers, but provides users with visibility into how their Contact Center and Facebook efforts are performing. Users will be able to visit the NexGen website and simply enter in their Facebook URL to get an instant report with information such as how they’re performing versus their competitors, rates of engagement, growth rates, response rates, and even recommendations such as ‘ask more questions of your fans!’

For the Contact Center Check Up, users will complete a brief questionnaire to assess whether they have the correct number of agents supporting their program and some great contact center recommendations.

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