The Hackett Group Acquires Oracle Cloud Applications Implementer Jibe Consulting

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The Hackett Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: HCKT) today announced that it has completed its acquisition of Jibe Consulting, Inc. a leading management and technology consulting firm focused on implementing Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions. The combined enterprise is expected to enhance The Hackett Group’s ability to fully support clients’ Oracle Cloud Business Application implementation efforts in finance, procurement, manufacturing, supply chain and human capital.

Formed in 2004, Jibe has grown into a comprehensive team of consultants that provide unique insights around leading practices for streamlining business operations. Jibe Consulting has more than 90 consultants and is an Oracle Platinum Partner.

The acquisition builds on the best practices implementation IP of The Hackett Group, including its ERP, Enterprise Performance Management and Analytics (EEA) practice. The Hackett Group’s intellectual property and extensive research in business processes, combined with its experience in implementing Oracle enterprise applications in the cloud highly differentiates its offerings.

According to The Hackett Group’s Oracle Technology Leader Scott McHale: “With Jibe, we believe that we now have the complete capability and scale to address the rapidly growing Oracle cloud applications market. We expect to use this capability to grow our business in this rapidly emerging market opportunity as our clients and prospective clients embrace Oracle’s cloud platform in a meaningful way. This acquisition puts us firmly on the map as a leading partner committed to Oracle’s cloud platform.”

Shane Moncrieff, Jibe Consulting President, explained that: “The culture and mission of The Hackett Group are perfectly aligned with Jibe. Both of our companies are intensely focused on helping our clients achieve peak performance. Bringing together The Hackett Group’s benchmarking capability and best practice insights with Jibe’s acumen for implementing the Oracle Cloud Business Applications will provide clients with tremendous opportunities to streamline their processes and adopt practices that will have a measurable impact on their business. We are excited to enhance the Cloud ERP and HCM capability of The Hackett Group’s EEA practice.”

According to Jason Balogh, The Hackett Group EEA Practice Leader: “This acquisition is an extension of our ongoing strategy to embed The Hackett Group’s intellectual property via digital delivery vehicles, enabling clients to improve efficiency and effectiveness with empirically-proven best practices, configurations and on-line advisor support for their cloud application designs and implementation. With Jibe, we believe that our combined practice capability will escalate and expand the development of The Hackett Group’s platforms and help clients set performance targets with best practices, then configure Oracle solutions to realize them. This capability is unmatched in the market and will enable clients to implement improvements that drive value much more quickly.”

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