eClerx Digital opens new Americas Headquarters in Austin, TX

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eClerx Digital opened its doors at the division’s new Americas Headquarters located in Austin, Texas. The new location is essential to support market growth in the fast-growing fields of analytics-based marketing and both B2C and B2B digital activities. eClerx Digital helps companies to maximize the return on their investment in these areas by applying our innovative combination of US-based consultants and offshore analysts to significantly improve existing processes while allowing customers to scale based on business demands. The new location will support sales, marketing, product development and client-focused analytics consulting functions.

eClerx Digital’s success is founded on an uncompromising focus on the end-to-end customer experience across digital-enabled activities where people, processes, or technology can produce a better result. Core product offerings include image improvements through computer generated imagery (CGI), managing marketing campaigns and demand generation assets, digital analytics spanning website performance to advanced persona development, as well as multiple online optimization services including A/B site page testing, improvement of search engine results, and more.

Scott Houchin, Managing Principal at eClerx Digital, said, “We look forward to successful continued growth as a leading digital services provider in a growing marketplace. Austin’s burgeoning digital ecosystem provides a perfect location to test and develop new service offerings and to be the employer of choice for our client-focused consultants.”

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