Softtek Named a Top 15 Sourcing Service Provider by ISG

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SofttekSofttek, the leading global IT services provider dedicated to creating value through technology, announced it has been named a “Top 15 Sourcing Standout” by Information Services Group (ISG), a leading global technology research and advisory firm.
Softtek was among the leading providers in the “Breakthrough 15” category for the Americas region based on annual contract value (ACV) won over the last 12 months, according to the 1Q 2017 Global ISG Index™.
Now in its 58th consecutive quarter, the ISG Index™ provides an independent quarterly review of the latest sourcing industry data and trends. Each quarter it names the top 15 commercial providers in the “Big 15” (revenues of more than $10 billion), “Building 15” (revenues between $2 billion and $10 billion) and “Breakthrough 15” (revenues of less than $2 billion) categories in the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific regions. Each Top 15 category includes providers that compete in the traditional outsourcing market, as well as those that compete in the as-a-service market, including IaaS and SaaS providers. ISG also recognizes the top 15 public sector providers, by revenue, in each of the three regions.
“In today’s marketplace, terms like ‘offshore,’ ‘nearshore’ and ‘onshore’ are becoming increasingly irrelevant,” said Marcos Jimenez, CEO of Softtek US and Canada. “Rather, clients are demanding a new breed of service provider able to leverage digital capabilities and deliver flexibility and agility. Inclusion in the ‘Breakthrough 15’ reflects our commitment to driving positive change for our customers and our ability to successfully respond to the demands of a rapidly evolving business climate.”
Softtek’s growth has been driven primarily by services related to digital transformation, delivered to clients across a variety of industry sectors. Specifically, Softtek helps enterprises develop and manage the operational core through IT platforms, tools, processes and skill sets needed to support and drive digital enablement.
Softtek’s inclusion in the ISG Index™ is based on data the company submits to ISG each quarter.
“For nearly 15 years, the ISG Index™ has been the authoritative source for marketplace intelligence related to outsourcing transaction structures and terms, industry adoption, geographic prevalence and service provider performance,” said Paul Reynolds, chief research officer of ISG. “Softtek continues to establish itself as a leading and growing player in the global market for digital transformation and application services, based on its volume of business in relation to other industry providers.”

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