Prevalent Security Solutions, IT Solutions Provider, Now Cayden Security

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Cybersecurity company, Prevalent Security Solutions, spinout of Third-Party Risk Management technology provider, Prevalent, Inc., is now Cayden Security.

Prevalent Security Solutions was formed in 2016, when their parent company, Prevalent, Inc. began focusing on building their award-winning Third-Party Vendor Risk Management technology.

Cayden Security, now an independent corporation, will preserve Prevalent, Inc.’s original vision of offering organizations cybersecurity, compliance, and risk management products, from top, highly regarded information technology partners.

Cayden Security will also continue to offer IT consulting services from certified consultants, who are proficient in understanding business requirements and delivering complex, technical solutions.

In addition to the heritage business lines, Cayden Security’s offerings are expanding to include Vendor Risk Managed Services, a turnkey, managed service provided by Cayden Security and powered through Prevalent, Inc’s., Third-Party Risk Management products.

“While new in name, the core values we’ve developed in our 13-year history, as well as many of the team members you’ve come to know, remain intact. We are passionate about what we do and strive to show excellence in all that we offer. It is with continued integrity, responsibility, and learning, that we perform to our highest levels and offer our customers the service they’ve come to expect from us,” said Joe Compagno, President, Cayden Security.

Cayden Security is a cybersecurity, IT risk management and compliance solutions provider with over 13 years of experience and partnerships. We provide cybersecurity products and consulting, as well as turnkey managed security services for 3rd party risk. We focus on your cybersecurity, IT risk management and compliance needs, so you can focus on your business.

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