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Prem Kumar OptisolWe interacted with Prem Kumar (Co-Founder & Director) to know more about OptiSol.

OD: Brief us about your company’s services and industries you serve.

Prem Kumar – OptiSol: We are an IT services firm offering DIGITAL solutions for Startups and Enterprises. We are experts in custom web and mobile application design &development, data solutions and product implementations. We are a team of about 150+ employees with development center in India and engagement offices US, Dubai and UK. We have been in operations for about 10+ years now and we have built about 200+ web applications and 80+ mobile applications. About 70% of our clients are from US and we have excellent client references in US and Europe and couple of them are Fortune 500 companies. We have been awarded by CIO Review and other associations and we are a top rated service provider in PeoplePerHour and Guru job portal.

OD: What is your corporate mission and vision? Throw some light on your goals and values.

Prem Kumar – OptiSol: To be a corporation built with empowered human capital that engages in challenging opportunities across knowledge based business practices.

OD: How do you deliver value to your customers and what differentiates you from the competition?

Prem Kumar – OptiSol:

  1. Consultative engagement with focus on digital transformation built on Social/Mobile/Analytics/Cloud solution architecture
  2. Design thinking that enables our clients to Collaborate and Prototype before building (P2B: Prototype 2 Build).
  3. Agile development methodology with iterative releases and milestone linked payment. Tool driven using Pivotal Tracker/InvisionApp/Slack/CI & CD/GitHub for enhanced transparency in execution.OptiSol
  4. Competitive pricing by leveraging our onsite offshore framework with development team based out of India
  5. Resources with average experience of 4+ years in various technology stacks bound with stricter NDA and data privacy measures.

OD: Please share a challenging experience that resulted in customer success.

Prem Kumar – OptiSol: We enjoy working with startups and enterprises equally and we help them realize their business solution through our Prototype2Build model.

Recently we helped one our customer who came with a one-liner scope statement and we converted that into viable use cases, prototype as click through UI, assisted in test marketing and funding. This helps our customers in visualizing their application before actual development and enhances collaboration. Test marketing and getting funded are key challenges that we mitigated with this approach.

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