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Provider Side:
Starting from the audience profiling in sales process to the delivery of project, there is a good number of people involved from the services organization.

  • Subject Matter Expert (Industry Vertical/ Technology Domain/ Service Offering).
  • Client Advocate/ Client Relation.
  • Business Development.
  • Sales
  • Account Management.
  • Sales Enablement/ Strategy.
  • Advisor/ Analyst/ Influencer Relations.
  • Corporate Marketing.
  • Branding.
  • Inside Sales/ Lead Generation/ Demand Generation.
  • Digital Media/ Marketing (SEO, SMM, Content, Creative, Online Communities, Email)
  • Market Research, Analysis and Data Management.
  • Integrated Marketing.
  • Event Management.
  • PR & External Communications.
  • Delivery Functions: Project Management/ Program Management etc.
  • Support Functions: (Immigration; Corporate HR & Recruitments; Administration, Legal, F&A)

Others: In addition to buyers and providers, there are professionals who play a vital role in the Outsourcing Lifecycle. In certain cases, buyers and providers trust, obey, respect and need them.Outsourcing Lifecycle

  • Industry Experts: Research, Analysis, Advising and Consulting Professionals.
  • Government Agencies Professionals.
  • Industry Associations Professionals.
  • Press and Media Professionals.
  • Marketing Agencies.
This is my own experience, others might have a different opinion. Please feel free to share your thoughts or reach-out to me on LinkedIn. Contributor: Gurdeep Singh Bindra.

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