Blue Ocean Contact Center Simplifies Outsourcing Selection with Buyer’s Guide eBook

Blue Ocean Contact Center logoBlue Ocean Contact Centers, an award-winning Canadian outsourced contact center which is part of IMP Group Limited, has just produced their own original eBook “The End-to-End Contact Center Solutions Buyer’s Guide” to simplify the decision-making process for businesses exploring outsourced customer service options. This digital resource collects and presents the insider knowledge of the Blue Ocean team, delivering their accumulated experience with contact center RFPs over the past 22 years in the form of a clear and informative read.

“The End-to-End Contact Center Solutions Buyer’s Guide” takes business readers through the comprehensive outsourced contact center buying process. Topics within the Buyer’s Guide include:

  • How to Calculate Call Center Outsourcing Costs
  • Making a Contact Center RFP Timeline
  • 51 Contact Center RFP Questions to Ask Vendors
  • Mistakes to Avoid in Contact Center RFPs
  • How to Extend Customer Experience Strategy to Your Outsourced Team
  • The Economics of Nearshore vs Offshore Contact Centers
  • And More

“The outsourced contact center RFP process can be difficult to navigate for those unfamiliar with it,” said Elizabeth Sedlacek, Director, Sales of Blue Ocean Contact Centers. “Our Contact Center Buyer’s Guide is designed to provide indispensable information, streamline each buying step, and make the final decision evident.”

“Blue Ocean has long been a thought leader in the outsourced contact center industry, so we knew sharing the lessons and perspectives we’ve gained guiding business leaders through the RFP process would be a valuable resource,” said Andrew O’Brien, President and COO of Blue Ocean Contact Centers. “Through our experience, we’ve learned what makes outsourced contact center buyers need to know and need to ask.”


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