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Culture Differences – INDIA USACultures vary all across the world. But the American and Indian cultures differ a lot. Even though there are some similarities too, but the differences are more pronounced. One thing to be remembered here is that the culture of America is result of a mix of various cultures. But the Indian culture has its own unique values.

Family Relations (Culture Differences)

Indians are family oriented while the Americans are oriented more towards the self. This can be due to higher incidences of divorces in America. Hence very few children live with their biological parents for a long time. Besides, parents in India tend to look after their children till they become financially independent and get married. In Indian culture, many children continue to live in their family home with parents even after marriage. But in America, there is a strong tendency for parents and children to stay separately as soon as they become independent. This is because both sides feel that they can live their life their own way only when they are living separately. Indians are more committed toward their family as compared to the Americans who believe in giving independence to individuals so that they can live life their own way.

Planning For The Future (Culture Differences)

From the outset, Indians are focused on saving as they need to plan for the future. This is why they buy gold which will help them in case of emergencies. Besides, they would also like to save for their children. This is something that is not seen in the American culture. They like to work hard and then spend that money in order to enjoy themselves. Indians like to work hard, earn money, save most part of it and then still earn more. Indians also like to save for their old age. This is not the case with Americans. One reason for this can be the social security that is provided by the American government for their senior citizens. This facility does not exist in India. Hence this can be the main reason why Indians tend to save for their retired life.

Another difference is that Americans have great regard for time and they value it highly. This is why you would see them arriving for meetings on time and not doing any small talk that would waste time. Indians are slowly catching up on this cultural change and you can see this positive change!

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