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IOTPeople tend to think of Information technology as something that has taken away physical interaction and social skills from everyone’s lives. People are so busy in their electronic gadgets that they have no time for anyone else, including their own family. They are so busy texting or playing online games that they have no time to talk to those who are actually around them. In the same way, they are not playing any outdoor games as online world has taken over their lives. This is leading to a lot of emotional, social and physical problems. But the reality is not so grim. In fact, information technology has made our lives much easier and comfortable too. Let us look into a few of these positive aspects.

Easy Planning

Now you can plan everything so much better. Make use of something like Google calendar that lets you know the plan of everybody else in the family or even among your friends. This way you can plan your day, evening, weekends and outings so much better. Anybody can access this from anywhere. Hence you are able to get immediate updates about any changes. This makes all those last minute chaotic issues a thing of the past.

Bill Payments

This is a real boon. Now everything can be paid off whenever you want, wherever you are. This means no more long queues, or taking leave only for paying bills. It has reduced your list of delayed payments and late fee charges. Now you can buy movie tickets online as well as pay your child’s school fees. Besides, you can also track your bills as well as payments online. You are saving on time and effort this way. Besides, you are not traveling all the time in order to pay bills or buy concert tickets. Hence you are saving on fuel and doing your bit for the environment. This is also the time for e-bills. Hence no more of paper being used in order to print bills and getting them circulated to all. This also leads to a lot of effort besides issues like bills not getting delivered on time or getting lost on the way and so on. Now all these have become things of the past.

Schooling Gets Better

Now it is so much easier to remain in touch with the teachers and other school authorities and other parents. Earlier there was only one parent teacher meeting per term. Parents used to get a rude shock after the term on realizing that their ward did not do well or has failed. Now they are able to get warning signals well in advance. Hence they can pull up their child or take him to a counselor or try other techniques in order to ensure that all is going well. They can also keep a tab on the homework being assigned, tasks being completed and activities being performed. Besides, there are messengers that help parents to keep in touch with each other and discuss various common problems along with ways to overcome them. Students are using such apps to download homework and even submit them at school. This is a good way to keep one updated in case a child misses school due to any reason. Many children are able to attend classes from home in case they are unable to attend school due to illness, an accident or some other reason. This way information technology has brought about major changes in the life of students as far as academics are concerned. Besides, there are notice boards where new events are posted. This way student gets information very fast and it reaches all. Hence they can apply well in time.

Getting Information 

As the name suggests, this is all about getting information. Earlier people had no access to information. They had to rely on libraries or ask their friends or elders. There was a high chance of getting wrong information or no information. All this has changed today. Everything is available with a click. It does not matter which part of the world you belong to or which language you speak. Now you can know the latest movies playing in your local theatre or the latest hit songs. You can also know about the utilities around you or any traffic jam in your area. Now you can learn to cook, sew, knit or play an instrument from the comfort of your home. Hence what looked like a distant dream at one time is now well within your reach. There is no limit to your creativity or even to your dreams today as everything has become possible.

Hence you can see how life has become simpler and easier with the advent of information technology!

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