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FREELANCERA freelancer’s life looks really interesting from a distance. But the fact is that it is a life full of responsibility and a lot of hard work. In fact, there are a number of aspects here. We can look at all of these one by one in order to understand everything better.

Flexibility in freelancer’s life

The most attractive part of a freelancer’s life is the flexibility. There is the option to work from anywhere and at any time. In fact, this is definitely a sort of freedom which people crave for. Now it is important to look at things from another perspective.

People work as a freelancer due to a number of reasons. It can be family reasons like small kids at home or illness or old parents who cannot be left alone. This makes it difficult to take any office job as you may be needed anytime. Such people tend to opt for freelancing as this allows them to be present as per need. At times, illness prevents people from taking up a regular job. Sometimes people are just not able to cater to strict timings or schedules. They feel that their creativity is being compromised. Besides, many people have a lot of other interests and they wish to devote time and energy there too. Next, there are people who wish to be their own boss and hence feel that they work better this way. Whatever the reason, it is a choice that a person has made.

With freelancing comes flexibility as well as a lot of responsibility. This is because all kinds of work have a deadline too. So flexibility or no, timeliness is still to be maintained. In fact, for a freelancer maintaining discipline is always an issue. This is because it is so easy to let go, always.

A freelancer is often perceived by others to be having no job. Or it is someone who always has a lot of time on hand. Or it is someone who is always available. This can play havoc with the work of a freelancer. Hence the person has to instruct his family and friends accordingly. In fact, it is not so easy to make people understand that a freelancer is working and requires the same amount of peace as any other working person would. Hence, flexibility does have a price too.

Discipline in freelancer’s life 

This may sound strange but a freelancer is a highly disciplined person. This is because it is so easy to give up, be lazy or just waste your time. Then you wake up when the deadline approaches and realize that the time is too short to do anything worthwhile and make a mess of the whole thing. This is why only a highly disciplined person can manage to be and survive as a freelancer. Typically freelancers tend to take it easy. This is because they wish to make the most of their freedom and flexibility. Hence people assume that freelancers will be sitting in bed in casual clothes and working away. But this is not the case with the ones who are making it big in the freelancing world.

These are people who are serious about what they do. Hence even if they are freelancing you would see them following some sort of a schedule. They would be having a separate office space and they would be maintaining its sanctity in a perfect way. Once they are in this arena, they would cut themselves away from the familiar surroundings. They would just be unavailable to all, just as they would have been had they been working in an office. Even if they cannot separate themselves physically from their surroundings, they can still be emotionally aloof. Such kind of diligence and discipline mark the life of a freelancer.

The person may be comfortably dressed, but never be careless in appearance. Even though there are no office colleagues or clients around, a freelancer will never disregard appearance. This is because appearance does have a major impact on the subconscious of a person. Responsible dressing leads to responsibility in work too.

Self-development in freelancer’s life 

This is something that most people are unaware of. This is because they focus only on the comfort and outside appearance of a freelancer’s world. They do not look at the grit and determination behind it. This is a world of high competition. Hence a freelancer is always looking at ways to upgrade his knowledge and skills. Since there is no official training mechanism here, hence it is best done through self-development. Hence it can be through reading, enrolling in online courses and so on. This is a continuous process in order to stay ahead in the rat race.

This is a synopsis of a freelancer’s life. It is intriguing, interesting, exciting, fulfilling and a lot of fun!

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