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DIGITAL INDIAThe Digital India initiative has been undertaken in order to seek e-governance and make India digitally empowered. It is being projected at Rs. 1,13,000 crore for preparing India to move towards this kind of transformation. The government services will become electronically available to citizens so that it becomes easier to do business in the country.


This Digital India program is having a vision of providing high speed internet services to people in gram panchayats across the country. Bank accounts for individuals are a high priority. Next is a safe and secure cyber space for all.


The citizens will have easy access to government services as these will be made available online. It will be easier to do transactions as they will be done through the electronic medium. The aim is to make the citizens digitally empowered by providing digital literacy to all by making digital sources accessible in an easy manner. These services will be provided in all Indian languages in order to allow for active participation.

Major Initiatives

The focus will be on zero imports of electronics by putting up smart energy meters, mobile, micro ATMs, besides consumer and medical electronics. The aim is to provide high speed internet services to over 2.5 lakh villages by providing one in every panchayat. This work will be completed by March 2017. These internet services will be provided to over 1.5 lakh post offices over the next two years in order to make them Multi-Service centers to serve people.

There will be optical fibre network laid down in these 2.5 lakh gram panchayats by December 2016. The information infrastructure nationwide is expected to be completed by March 2017.  Next initiative is towards mobile connectivity that is designed to cover all villages by 2018. This will be done by increasing network penetration and by covering all the gaps in over 44,000 villages.

Processes and delivery of services will be improved through e-Governance with the help of UIDAI, EDI, payment gateway and mobile platforms. Other documents like school certificates as well as voter ID cards will be provided online. All this will lead to a much faster examination and verification of data.

Nearly 1 crore students belonging to small towns and villages will be trained for IT sector by 2020. Also, BPO sectors will be set up in North eastern states as a part of this agenda. Thanks to the Digital India Programme.

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