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PROJECT MANAGERProject managers needs to balance all the elements of any complex project. These include time, money as well as people. In addition are the unexpected obstacles that spring up on a daily basis. These are a few of the project management challenges encountered by them on the job.

Ambiguous Goals

Goals are not clearly defined in many cases. In such a situation, the whole project as well as the team suffers. The project will have little chance of succeeding in such cases. This is why the project manager must always ask the right questions in the beginning itself. This has to be done in order to establish as well as communicate clear goals from the start itself so that there is no ambiguity or confusion later on.

Changes In Scope

This is happening all the time in projects. It occurs when the management is allowing the project’s scope to be extended much beyond the original objectives. This happens when the clients or the supervisors ask for some changes to a project leading it to widen or change its scope. This is when the project managers needs to take charge. Each request needs to be validates in order to decide how and whether it can be implemented. Besides, its effect on budget as well as the deadlines has to be communicated clearly to all the stakeholders. Once this has been done, their viewpoint is to be considered and mulled over. Based on available resources, decision has to be taken.

Inadequate Skills

There are times when the team members do not have the required skills for a project. Project managers need to determine the competencies required and assess the resources available. Now he needs to take a decision about training, outsourcing or even hiring additional staff. All this will require planning and considering the investment along with the expected results. Also, there are times when members of the team do not take responsibility for their role in achieving success for the project. This can even stop a project completely. There may be issues like pointing fingers or blaming others. All these are unproductive behaviors, but these are a feature of flaws in project management. Hence the team has to be directed towards a common goal in order to achieve the primary objective.

Risk Management

A project manager has to learn to deal with risk and plan for it beforehand. Risk tolerance is vital as projects hardly ever go exactly as per plan. Hence it is vital to gather input and develop trust. This is required in order to identify which parts of a project can tend to stray off. This kind of identification will allow him to do contingency planning. This is required in order to deal with unexpected set of problems in order to complete a project well and make it successful.

These are just a few of the issues being faced by project managers today. They need to plan well in advance in order to complete a project successfully.

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